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Chinese Medical Aromatherapy

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine"Aromatherapy" can be a confusing term. In the U.S., any use of Essential Oils (the biochemically-rich aromatic secretions of plants) in a therapeutic context is called Aromatherapy. In Chinese medicine, essential oils can be used to supplement an acupuncture treatment or even act as a needle-free alternative. In my practice, essential oils are for external use only.

Essential Oils Therapy and Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, essential oils blends are diffused in the air or applied on specific acupuncture points to replicate the effects of needles. Both acute and chronic issues often respond well to essential oils therapy. Aromatherapy is strongly indicated for spiritual issues, as scent resonates directly with the spirit. Children frequently respond especially quickly to essential oils therapy, which is both drug-free and easy to administer.

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